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  • Bra size measurements

All lingerie brands hold a different bra size system. A C-cup in one brand can easily be a D-cup in another. Although this can be frustrating, we are here to help. 

To find out the bra size you are looking at Jack&Joan's Lingerie, we have a simple 2-step instructions to guide you.

1. Measure your underbust in cm to find out your band size. Underbust is right under the breast area: 

For best results, take a deep breath, and let it all out before measuring (you want the smallest possible measurement). Now, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor, measure the band directly under your bust.


Bra size help

2. Measure your bust and underbust in cm to find out your cup size. Bust is at the tip of your breast:


eg. my bust is 83cm and my underbust is 75cm.

My cup size is 83cm - 75cm = 8cm = C cup, my bra size is 75C/34C

For best results, keep the tape measure parallel to the floor and your posture straight as can be, measure the fullest part of your bust (most likely this will be around your back and across the nipple line).

bra size chart help

  • Panty size measurements 



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